Bar Stocker iPhone App

Bar Stocker is an iPhone app that calculates how much booze to buy given selected parameters about your event.

This app was built as both a utility for partiers everywhere and as a marketing give-away for a local event planning company.

Dedicated Maps

Dedicated Maps is a real-time inventory and asset tracking system we built from the ground up. Half desktop application, half mobile application, and all web app, it displays custom maps with data populated from cell phones, satellite-based tracking devices, a desktop app, and user location reports.

The Linemanager

The Linemanager is an internal tool for tracking product line development. It was commissioned as a prototype for internal use, but you can take it for a test run yourself. Feel free to read/write/delete to your heart's content. u/p = admin/admin

The Linemanager was built with PHP facilitating open and honest dialog between a SQL Server database and an OpenLaszlo front end.

Product Line Planner

This Windows desktop application is distributed via CD-ROM quarterly to the supply chain teams of many of the world's most well known sports apparel brands. It is authored in the granddaddy of CD interactive development platforms, Adobe Director. It features custom product image layouts, financial calculators and unit planning tools, Excel read/write, and high resolution CMYK PDF output for catalog printing.

Intel/Yahoo Widget Channel

When Intel and Yahoo teamed up to put Yahoo's Konfabulator widget engine on a television set top box, they needed a Javascript API for a local SQLite database. We wrote the spec and directed the Intel team in China who coded it up!

The Widget Channel

Roberts Kaplan Law Firm

When this established law firm changed its name, they executed a marketing blitz which included a new website. We partnered with Tom Vandel of Les Overhead and design firm Dotzero to create this hand coded, CMS-driven spread.

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

Cascadia recently created a direct mail campaign to raise awareness and funds. But wait, the website needs to fit the campaign! The photoshop comps were finished two days before the mailing. Did we make it? Yes we did. The new site, hand crafted with a lightweight PHP template system, was delivered on time, with a budget a nonprofit could love.

Partners: Les Overhead and Dotzero Design


The University of Texas Distance Education Center wanted to put their high school math classes online. How do students turn in homework that contains text, equations, graphs, tables, and sketches? They use the Mathpad.

The Mathpad is a shockwave online math communication tool. Documents created with the Mathpad can be saved and reopened in a pure XML format or as HTML and images. The Mathpad has built-in HTTP, FTP, and EMAIL services so no clients are required for those protocols.

Communication possibilities include:

  • HTTP POST/GET to a server. Mathpad documents can be saved and reopened from a remote database.
  • FTP of HTML and formatted text and images to a server for display on a web page, bulletin board, blog, or any browser based learning managment system.
  • EMAIL of an entire Mathpad document as an attached image.
  • Local printing.
  • A stand-alone executable version for Windows and Macintosh can save locally.

University of Texas Distance Education Center ASKME Courses

D.Miller Studios expands and contracts our head count as needed. This project saw us grow to our largest yet: In just nine months, 32 writers, animators, musicians, programmers, and other technicians produced over 1 million frames of full character animation. Yes, that's 24 solid hours of 12 fps high school math, physics, and chemistry!

We pioneered several Flash animation production methods and spent many late nights to pull off this feat.

Intel Benchmarking

When Intel marketing wanted to know just how much faster their processor handled real-world multimedia, we provided Javascript and Flash benchmarking tools to measure rendering speeds on content heavy websites.

Safety Training Quiz Engine

Local interactive agency Omedia produced a computer-based training site for workplace safety. We built the interactive Flash widget that instructed users with custom multimedia slide shows as well as delivered XML-driven quizzes. This was pure Actionscript 3.0 that interfaced via SOAP with a .NET back end.

Gourmet Learning Lesson Maker

Gourmet Learning is a traditional educational publisher of printed workbooks. When they wanted to move to the web, we built a SAAS solution that allows them to license their materials to teachers and school districts directly over the web.


This Flash-heavy site needed a CMS to facilitate keeping the content fresh. We built the admin tool that allows the company to quickly add, delete, and edit the content on their site.

The Mt. Hood Ski Patrol

The MHSP is a non-profit organization we support to keep skiing and snowboarding on Mt.Hood safe and accessible to all. We designed, built, and maintain a wiki-style CMS for the site that meets the organization's need to have many content contributors. We also maintain a member-only wiki and provide IT support for the annual Mt. Hood Snowsports Swap.

Northeast Community Center

When the YMCA decided to close its Hollywood location, its members stepped up and reopened it as a nonprofit community center. We support the NECC by providing a CMS-driven website, newsletter mailing list software, and general tech support.

Gourmet Learning Presentation CDs

Gourmet Learning sells ready-made lessons to teachers. They needed an easy way for teachers to find and display lessons on an overhead screen. We developed software for them to distribute via CD-ROM that allows fast searching of presentations as well as handling display and navigation of the full screen presentations themselves. Just pop in the CD and you're off and teaching!